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Our passion for serving you with best of the transportation services that we offer has been the main driving force behind our inception to this domain of providing a convenient way for cab booking to our esteemed range of clients.

We are Kalima Taxi Service and are operational for the route leading back and forth through these two scenic cities. Our well stocked and well maintained range of vehicles from luxury to budget cab services open up number of rental transportation options to you to choose from as per your need, budget and locations.

By this, we are aiming to reach you at your preferred destinations in time and with the utmost comfort. Our fleet of vehicles is well equipped with the latest automobile machinery and technology that deliver the maximum of the safety, comfort and mileage to save you much and keep you at the most ease while traveling through any of our vehicles.

We are functional in this domain of car booking services with the vision of serving you optimally to keep you with us for a long. As we do have a firm faith in establishing long term relationship with our clients and to fulfill our this purpose, we are working thoroughly to look for more innovative ways to make our transportation services more advanced to serve in a more efficient manner.